Friday, April 29, 2016

Week(s) in Review: 29 April 2016

In the past month or so I've finally managed to complete finishing the Titanium bases and have all bases laser engraved with the VIUD logo and serial number and they're looking great!

 I also experimented with custom logo/text and it worked out very well but the price point to have it done is unfortunately large enough to make it only worthwhile for larger quantities (say 10 or more).

Custom Logo and Text Example

There's not much left to do! I can conformal coat all the USB boards and then find, design and setup an online store. Unfortunately, it looks as though I may be away all summer which will put another delay in the VIUD progress but it won't be long now!


  1. I'll be watching and waiting for that store to appear, I am interested in getting one of these, and after purchase I will be happy to leave a review on what I think of it.