Titanium Colors


This is the natural Titanium finish buffed to a near mirror finish.
Natural Color


To specify a color for an anodized Titanium VIUD choose a color and the corresponding number in the following chart. A value of "0" represents the natural Titanium color.

Titanium Color Chart (Approximate)

Note that the colors shown here are approximate and the actual color may be a little different (see notes below). 


This effect has all colors in the above chart from top to bottom of the VIUD.

Rainbow Effect

Note that this effect is achieved manually so each rainbow is a little different but I try my best to get all colors nicely distributed.


There's a few things to keep in mind about anodized Titanium:
  • The colors shown are obtained manually and may not exactly match the desired color due to the large number of variables. "Narrow" colors like the brown at 17 Volts or the Orange at 65 Volts are particularly difficult to duplicate.
  • The anodized layer on Titanium is much smaller than that of Aluminum (~25 nm compared to ~25,000 nm). The color of anodized Titanium can change depending on the light source and moisture/oil from handling.

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