Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Production Starts!

While I've been silent on the VIUD front for the past few months it has been mostly due to waiting for the first 300 VIUD cases (200 Aluminum, 100 Titanium) to finish production. They took a long time to get here but they finally arrived and are looking great!

What 300 VIUD Cases Look Like

Titanium VIUD
Anodized Black Aluminum VIUD

I'd love to say that I'll begin selling VIUDs in the near future but there are just a "few" tasks left before that can happen:

  • Polish and clean the 150 non-anodized Aluminum.
  • Anodize the 150 Aluminum sets 3 different colours.
  • Laser engrave everything with a logo and serial number.
  • Order all the various parts required for assembly.
  • Finish testing and finalizing the epoxy type and assembly procedure.
  • Create a few tools and jigs to help with assembly.
  • Install 600 magnets.
  • Create a VIUD shopping site. I'll probably use a service that offers pre-built stores but there is still a good amount of customization and setup to do.
  • Create a simple assembly and non-conformance tracking database.
  • Get shipping procedures and costs finalized.
  • Figure out a sales price for the VIUDs.
  • Start selling!
Sounds exhausting and while my summer is usually busier than average I hope to be able to finish everything in this list and start selling a few VIUDs this fall. Stay tuned!

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