Saturday, September 27, 2014

Good News Everyone!

I've been busy over the last few weeks getting back up to full speed in the VIUD design and testing and there have been a few important things to note.

Most significantly, I contacted my USB circuit board supplier to check on prices and they have managed to drop by almost 50% since last year. This doesn't make too much difference on the 16/32 GB model prices but drops the final price on the expensive 256 GB by over $100! 

I've started to record some videos and figure out video editing. This is definitely outside of my comfort zone but I'm having fun learning something new. Look for some new testing videos here in the near future. 

I've also finally figured out and solved an issue with some USBs failing in the VIUDs after assembly. Look for a blog post on this subject in the next few days.

Last but not least, I've created an account on KickStarter and have been playing around with creating a project. I must say their web interface is one of the better ones I've used. I hope to launch the VIUD's KickStarter in a few weeks, after I record a few more test videos, so stay tuned!

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