Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Product Shots!

Work on creating the VIUD store started last week and I'm already well on my way to getting it finished. I decided to go with Shopify as it seems to be a good sized Canadian online e-commerce system with the features I need.

I've spent the better part of the last week taking and preparing product shots of all the various VIUD models for use in the store. There are a lot of good online guides for taking product shots but to summarize what I've used:

  • Niken D90 camera with SB-600 flash
  • Small light tent
  • Piece of white paper over the flash to disperse flash and soften shadows
  • A few extra lights to get better shadow and reflections (some "real" camera lights would be very nice but I've made do)
  • About half-zoomed in on the lens
  • Auto color balance on the camera
  • Manual mode on the camera with a high aperture (F20) for a larger depth of field
  • Adjust the exposure time and bias to get a good picture (white background without too much shadow)
  • Adjust the picture's brightness, contrast, and saturation afterwards to get a realistic and good looking image

The shots turned out pretty good and I think they can speak for themselves!

1 comment:

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